504 Gateway Timeout

Server Error :gateway_timeout, http.StatusGatewayTimeout, Response::HTTP_GATEWAY_TIMEOUT

Merah Putih Flag Indonesia, Photo by Nick Agus Arya on Unsplash
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Http: Error code 504

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Logo Javawebster Keris

Javawebster is taken from the words "Java" and "Website Master" Webmaster.
Javawebster uses Keris (The Kris) as a logo that is displayed in silhouette.
Javawebster can be interpreted as a Webmaster from Java - Indonesia.


JAWA #7A111A
WEBS #111EB5

The website programming language has a code for each color. Each color that Javawebster chooses for its design theme is unique and special.

  1. The MAROON color code "#7A111A" and can be read as "JAWA" (english: JAVA).
  2. The RED color code "#DE111A" and can be read as "DEWA" (english: GOD).
  3. The BLUE color code "#111EB5" and can be read as "WEBS".
  4. The DARK color code "#2D3D4D" is 2D, 3D and 4D visuals.
  5. The LIGHT color code "#EAEAEA" and please read aloud!