Self Isolation Application

The Isoman application is specially made for self-isolation patients and is monitored directly every day by UB Doctors

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The Isoman application has been redirected to the official website
The isoman application is an application made specifically for patients who are in self-isolation, namely monitoring the patient's condition every day, morning and night.

Patient Features:

  1. Login / Register
  2. Profile Page
  3. Inbox, contains daily messages from Doctor
  4. Health Check Application
  5. Morning and Evening Health Check Schedule

Doctor Features:

  1. Login / Register
  2. Profile Page
  3. Send Messages to patients (via App or via WhatsApp)
  4. Healthy Patient Condition Filter
  5. Mild Patient Condition Filter
  6. Moderate Patient Condition Filter
  7. Filter for Severe Patient Conditions
  8. Patient Health Report every Morning & Night, namely:

    Symptoms Cough, Dizziness, Sore Throat, Fever, Weakness, Phlegm, Nausea, Loss of sense of smell, Chest pain, Chills, Sneezing, Diarrhea, Loss of taste, Skin rash, Respiratory rate and Oxygen Saturation




Self Isolation Application

Self Isolation Application