360 Virtual Gathering

Before the meeting starts we can fill out the attendance list, go around studying the product and collect points to get the grand prize.

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BRI Virtual Gathering 2021, Application Features:

  1. Can be run on all devices (Computer, Tablet, SmartPhone etc.)
  2. There are 6 Rooms or Booths to explore:
    • Lobby
    • International Business Division
    • BRI Overseas Channel
    • Treasury Business Division
    • Investment Services Division
    • BRI Subsidiaries

  3. Attendance / Register attendance online
  4. Link to online meeting (Zoom), for users who have registered
  5. Showing Posters in Booth
  6. Showing Videos in Booth
  7. Displaying Content in Booth
  8. If participants have read the content points will increase
  9. The 3 participants who get the most points will get prizes



360 Virtual Gathering

360 Virtual Gathering