Road & Bridge Database

Manage the database of roads and bridges throughout East Java, along with photos of road conditions and the level of damage.

Malang City Transportation ADL. Photo by Aldrin Rachman Pradana on Unsplash
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Javawebster has worked on the East Java DPU Binamarga project twice:

  1. Gis Binamarga 2013 - 2014
  2. Gis Binamarga 2014 - 2015

GIS is a Geographic Information System based on computer work to enter, manage, manipulate and analyze data.

Javawebster's task in this project is to create a CMS and database for GIS, namely data on roads and bridges that exist throughout the province of East Java. Starting from No. Prov., No. Section, No. Suffix, Regency/City, Year, Road length, width, Shoulder, Channel, Land use and there are dozens of other database columns, including road photos and videos.

In addition to creating a database, Javawebster is also in charge of creating a web application for drawing lines (roads) on Google Maps. The line is used for road data, road length and road location points on Google Map.



Road & Bridge Database

Road & Bridge Database